Coco to the rescue!

This is Sandra. We might have forgotten to tell you all about her, because… Frankly… She’s generally rather boring. She always stay in her crate without wanting to play or cuddle with us at all. Can you imagine?? Anyways.. She’s the last Zebrafinch around here. Mom have had zebbies for years and they were one of the reasons she got interested in genes and biology and breeding and stuff… She’s owned Sandra’s parents, too.. and her sister who passed away a couple of months ago. They were getting old and Mom don’t plan to keep zebbies now – at least not for a while – so currently Sandra is living alone, poor girl.

Anyways.. This weekend Coco woke Mom up early.. Mom got rather grumpy but got up and let her out assuming she was thirsty. But she just stared at Mom and jumped back into the chair to sleep. Mom took her outside anyway hoping she wouldn’t be awaken again. No such luck. A little while later Coco started whining and when Mom got up she just stared at her. Then Mom noticed Sandra was making weird noises.. She checked on her and discovered that something had gotten stuck in the thingy she’s got her teeny weenie kibble in and she couldn’t get food! As soon as Mom fixed it she started eating and was all happy again. And Coco went back to sleep. Then Mom tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t so she got up instead.

She’s a cutie, though.. Her mom was named Nimba because Nimbus couldn’t get enough of sitting in the chair next to her crate and just watch her jump around. These pictures was taken years ago when she was just growing up. If you notice her tail feathers are ruffled from sleeping in the nest rather than on a branch!

Safe sniffs,
the WriggleButts

15 thoughts on “Coco to the rescue!

  1. Wow, that is really cool. Neat how Coco was so worried about Sandra. Mom is laughing because Coco fell back to sleep and your mom couldn’t. Not that mom thinks that’s funny, just that mom knows how it is.Roxy

  2. Hi Wigglebutts! Coco is such a smart one to help the pretty birdie like that! You are all cute. thanks for stopping by my blog!Barklove!Rusty

  3. Coco, that is not nice! Waking your mom up then just staring at her. I do that to my dad on weekends too. Hee, hee. I guess you were getting back at your mom from the other day, when she tried to take your picture while you were trying to SLEEP.Hugs,CoCo

  4. Great job Coco!! I bet Sandra must be real grateful now! (Maybe she’ll want to play with Coco after this huge favour she’s done for her??)

  5. We are just sending Bajas and Nimbus and mom all sorts of love and hugs and everything in our power to help you feel that sun and the beautiful rainbow that Coco sent you.huge warm hugs from the whippets and the Servant

  6. Hey, WriggleButts!I’m sorry, but I have NOT been a very good friend lately. So, I’m going to catch up on all you’ve been doing, and wanted you to know I love ya, even if I haven’t been by for awhile.Coco Girl, WAY TO GO! Are you a search and rescue pug?Goober love & smooches all around,Stanley

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