Relaxing weekend..

So… Mom’s finally helped us upload pictures elsewhere so we can post them here without blogger acting up. This is what we’ve been up to most of this weekend. Relaxing. Mom’s been relaxing to the point of boredom, actually.. But today she took us out for a nice walk in the woods in the sunny spring weather we’re having lately. They promise it’ll last for a week. One can hope.
We didn’t bring the camera into the woods today. Sorry… But we wanted to share these pictures mom took of us when we were sleeping and she wanted to test the macro function on the cell phone camera. They didn’t turn out too bad, actually. For cell phone pictures at least.

She actually made me open my eye for this one. Can you imagine? I was trying to sleep. S L E E P… Apparently she didn’t get it!
Sleepy pug nose…

the WriggleButts

8 thoughts on “Relaxing weekend..

  1. Those are great photos. That is a really good cell phone. Mom likes the last photo a lot. Have fun relaxing. We are having spring like weather, too.Roxy

  2. I like the pictures too! Hope you are having fun relaxing! Thanks for the Norway lesson a few posts back. We LOVE learning!Love Clover xo

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