Merry Christmas

“What” you say? “Christmas? They must be out of their minds!”
That’s pretty much what we thought when we got up in the morning, too… Our Christmas snow arrived either very late og extremely early…
What? We’ll have to go outside? But we’ve bragged about having spring and now it’s like totally not spring!

Next year we won’t be bragging about having spring until the middle of July… 😉 BOL!

15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Hello! We had spring snow last night too! We live in Washington, USA near Seattle. We were very surprised. We love your blog!Charlie, the girl puggyTeddy, the doxie / yorkie boy andHoney, the corgi / pom lady

  2. Dad always says it will be gone by June. But seriously, better you than us. Though someone told mom we were supposed to have some sort of storm thing this weekend. ACK!Roxy

  3. Yes, you are right! What???Where is your spring?? I am thinking someone stole it!I hope you get sunny days soon!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  4. LOL – we had the same thing this morning. Spring is supposed to have SPRUNG but winter is back. Blah. Snow is pretty and all but we want summer!Pearl & Daisy

  5. Hi guys,It snowed here too! In Ottawa, Canada. It looked like Christmas when I woke up, but now it is raining… I don’t know what is happening!Love Clover xo

  6. Ok now I am seriously confused. My friend Lorenza JUST received a Christmas card in April (the card was sent out in Dec!) and now it’s still snowing over at your place?So where are my Christmas presents??

  7. I hope your weather has brighten up and the snow has melted away!!! I found your blog via Clover and I thought I would introduce myself. I’m another CoCo in Texas, USA and I’m a Puggle. I’m a distant relative of Baja and Coco…hee, hee. Norway is very far from here, but I hope we can be pals!Hugs,CoCo

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