Special designed sofa

I have a black leather sofa. It’s one of a kind. The dogs have fixed it for me and it’s super special. It’s got a hole in the middle cushion because Nimbus is unable to get under the blanket himself and he dug a hole when I was asleep one night trying to make the blanket cover him. *sigh*

It’s got other “special features” too – one of the back cushions is thicker and “shorter” (uh.. how do you explain that in a good way) – and this is why;

It’s Bajas’ favourite spot… He uses it only if I sit next to him and he can be close while I read or watch tv. He’s so cute I just can’t deny him this…
It’s not a very recent habit – he’s been doing it since he was a teeny weeny poopie!
Uh… Mommy? Why did you leave me up here all alone?
And why are you flashy-thinging me?
I’m getting lonely… I’m going doooooown!

10 thoughts on “Special designed sofa

  1. Hi Wrigglebutts!What a nicely designed couch you have! I am working on making a short thick pillow on our couch too. And you know what is funny? I recently dug on the couch too and made a hole in the quilt!! Gulp…Love Clover xo

  2. WrigglebuttsI hope you’we wight about my pizza slice..it suwe was delicious!That sofa looks like and excellent place fow napses, it’s vewy special..you suwe wewe an adowable pupsie, of couwse now you awe even mowe adowable..is Nimbus staying wawm??I think Spwing is finally comingsmoochie kisses,Asta

  3. Hi, Bajas!Sure is great to have a very special place to have naps!Looks like you have been in love with that sofa for a long time!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  4. We have a couch like that only it’s beige leather, and we haven’t managed to dig all the way through yet, but we’re working on it!wags from the whippets

  5. Bajas!You are and were a devilishly handsome pupster! My girl wants to reach through the pooter and smoosh you and give you smooches! (She’s embarrassing someetimes!)Goob love,Stanley

  6. Awww.. that’s so cute!!!We have a sofa that’s similar to yours!! Maya is just like Baja!! And just like him, it’s been her favorite spot since she was a little poopie too!! Hee hee!!Wags and licks,Maya and Kena

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