Visitor (second attempt)

Bajas have a great strategy – here is how you show someone they’re welcome. And make sure they return soon;– Look real cute in their backpack. As a bonus they get a lifetime supply of pug hairs to their apartment reminding them that they want to go back for more cuddles on the sofa. Plus it’s important to have Mom make snacks;

Pizza-roll-up-buns! Ready for the oven…. oh.. the waiting.. and the smell…
Finally! Super yummy! And only too little for us sweet, sweet innocent fourleggeds… Sigh…

3 thoughts on “Visitor (second attempt)

  1. Hi, friends!Sure you have a very good strategy! I think I will not fit in a backpack but I guess my grandma can make some pizzabuns!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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