Nimbus’ blanket

So sweet Pasha got Nimbus a lovely, supersoft blanket to cuddle under with a note that it was to keep him warm when the pugs were not cuddling with him. Well.. Here’s what happened…

Bajas – Red suits me! Black and red – a classic combination! Plus, it’s Mom’s favourite colour and I’m her favourite dog!
Bajas – Uh oh.. Nimbus is sad… I don’t like sad…



14 thoughts on “Nimbus’ blanket

  1. Ha ha, yes, that is what pugs do, we steal blankets. And yes, red and black do go together well. I look especially pretty on mom’s red sofa.Keep warm.Roxy

  2. Nimbus!I came to wish you a vewy happy Birfday!!!.I see you awe aweady dweaming in that bootiful blankie( the colow is pawfect fow you! You awe so vewy bootiful.I hope all youw Birfday dweams come twue! and that you have a gweat celebwation with Bajas and Coco!love and smoochie kisses and best wishes fow many mowe!Asta

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