The creation of the meanie stairs

So.. We found some old pictures from when the stairs were altered into meanie stairs. Well.. Meaner, really, mom dislocated her shoulder before this. But it was dark and she was.. ahem.. carrying one scared pug who didn’t like them either…

Making a hole in the wall.. As you can see the door is created in the middle of the staircase. (Yup.. Cheapest alternative.. Sigh..) At the bottom of this hole they created a small platform to use when stepping in/out of the door, but that only leave the narrowest part of the steps to move onto.. Hence the risk of falling when it’s wet and slippery…
Temporary “door” covering the big hole…
And then covered like this on the outside…
Then came the door. Here’s Grandma working hard.

Oh… And when Mom (and we) were away last weekend they painted the second coat on the stairs, so now we only need to find a suitable way to make them less slippery!

The StairClimbers

4 thoughts on “The creation of the meanie stairs

  1. Hi, friends!Yes, it looks like a mean stair! I hope you find a good way to make it safer and non slippery!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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