Moaning Monday
Mom was mean today and left us all alone and went to Sweden to shop. Yes, she got us dog food. Yes, she got us stuff. Yes, she’s still a meanie. Here’s what I thought about it. You have to keep your head sideways to see it straight ’cause stupid (not just mean) mom couldn’t keep her phone the right way while recording OR turn it afterwards.


Sleepy Sunday

Find the Whippet…
Tee hee..
As you can see we’ve had a rather relaxing Sunday. Mom’s been working the graveyard shift this weekend and so she slept l a t e and then we’ve just been hanging around on the couch watching tv, really. Great! Mom took some sound recording of snoooooring, but apparently the sound format wasn’t good for sharing online. Have to use the video function on the camera next time in stead!

Sleepy, snooring,
the Wriggles

Love all around

Hi guys!
We just wanted to thank you all for sharing your love for Valentines Day and throughout the year. We love you all. We don’t celebrate Valentines – but we still loooove you! Here are our beautiful selves sharing love in our neighbourhood!

Kissing auntie Anna
Comforting a sick auntie.
Making sure our stuffies don’t feel forgotten and left out.
Helping Mom read a book.
Being good brothers.

And we heard from Joe and Tanner that Baby is missing – so we’ve been looking out for her, but doesn’t seem like she’s come to Norway. Anyways – here’s the info you need to go looking for her too! We sure hope she turn up and that noone is mean to her.

Where is Baby?

for contact info.

HERE for
Baby’s blog.

Nimbus the Birthday Boy

Hi Fans!
Thanks so much for all your birthday wishes! I had a pretty good day, with a few exceptions. I’ve always known Mom is a meanie – but she actually said this little RAT is me. Hah.. I totally wasn’t a rat when I was young. I’m slender and beautiful (and totally M A C H O !)
So I made faces at her – that taught her a lesson!
See? I’m totally not of rat descent!
Could a rat do this? I think not!
I spent most of my day cuddling up with mom and playing our silly game where she’ll blow on my nose and I’ll give her kisses and hugs and roo-roo at her. And I got some of her leftover meat. And it wasn’t all together bad. Not very bad at all. Apart from the rat part.

Birthday kisses,
Nimbus the slender W H I P P E T !

Nimbus’ blanket

So sweet Pasha got Nimbus a lovely, supersoft blanket to cuddle under with a note that it was to keep him warm when the pugs were not cuddling with him. Well.. Here’s what happened…

Bajas – Red suits me! Black and red – a classic combination! Plus, it’s Mom’s favourite colour and I’m her favourite dog!
Bajas – Uh oh.. Nimbus is sad… I don’t like sad…