Super Tongue

As you might have heard I spent my weekend with Auntie and her animals – the three guinea pigs (Theodor, Lillebror (Little brother in Norwegian) and Ludvig) and Herbert the cat. I’ll post more pictures of me and my buddy Herbert later. But when I arrived at my Aunties I almost immediately started having some trouble with my tummy.. She texted mom about me having diharrea and plenty of gas (I have no idea why auntie complained about that.. It smells lovely!).. so she gave me some yoghurt. Mom had a major laugh watching me (or actually mainly my tongue)..

PeeEss: I’m feeling all better now!

Kisses (with plenty of tongue) from Nimbus

4 thoughts on “Super Tongue

  1. Yogurt is yummy and good for your tummy! I am glad you are feeling better. ps: Your tongue looks funny through that cup!

  2. Hi, Nimbus!Tummy problems is not good to start a weekend! Glad you had that yogurt to make you feel better!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  3. Nimbus!I’m a fool for yogurt. Glad you’re feeling better. And, by the way, those photos are HILARIOUS!!!Goober love,Stanley

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