Icky weather

It’s been such a weid winter… We’re heading towards the end of January and we still haven’t gotten proper snow for any period of time. It snowed yesterday morning – but by evening it was raining and today the entire world is glazed. For now. It’s going to melt and be wet and horrible as soon as the sun comes out. Better cuddle up indoors!

Oh.. And Mom said she’ll be putting us back on kibble – she says we’re taking the whole rawfeeding thing a step or two too far!?

(He does taste rather yummy! BOL! Bajas)

the WriggleButts

PeeEss: Mom’s BoyFriend is having that safety test today, we helped him study so we’re sure he’ll do well. But we’re snoring with our paws crossed just for some extra luck.

13 thoughts on “Icky weather

  1. Hey there!Hope the weather clears up and gets prettier!And we’ll be crossing our paws so that your mommy’s boyfriend does excellent on the test! But we’re sure he will anyway! :DWags and licks,Maya and Kena

  2. Bajas! Don’t eat your brother!!!Our weather has been just stinky poo grossimundo here. So we can totally relate.Good luck to the boyfriend on the testing!wags from the whippets

  3. You don’t really want to eat your brother, do you Baja? I don’t think he would taster very good. Good luck to your mom’s boyfriend on the test.Roxy

  4. It’s been icky here too. We didn’t get our proper walk tonight because it’s like neg. 100 bazillion degrees & Mom is a whimp. What crap!Penny

  5. Hi, friends!Sure the weather is crazy! Hot, cold, hot, cold!Good luck to your mom’s boyfriend! Sure he will do it great!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  6. My girl has thought of changing us from RAW food too since I always seem to have part of Stella in my mouth or she has part of me in her mouth.Her legs taste just like chicken.Goober love,Stanley

  7. NimbusYou look so vewy wegal and bootiful..is Bajas weally eating youw leg???I hope not..We have had the stwangest wintew too..no snow at all(which I weally miss) and lots of gwey days and icy wain..it means showt walks and no play at the wun..vewy lonelysmoochie kissesAsta

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