Clumsy Mom

Ok.. We’re not sure to cry or laugh.. So we do a bit of whining by the door.. Anyways.. Useless Mom managed to fall down the stairs and smash her elbow and seriously bruising her back. Now we won’t be getting proper walkies tonigh.. Boo hoo.. 😦 Her elbow is about twice the size and she’s having quite a bit of pain moving around. Hopefully she’ll feel better tomorrow. She’s working this weekend anyways, so it’s not too important to us. It’s not like she’ll be home and play with us all the time, so her being in pain really isn’t too important. We’ll sneeze on her and kiss her a bit for comfort, though!

The HealingButts

9 thoughts on “Clumsy Mom

  1. Hey there HealingButts (hee hee…love your new nickname!)!Poor your mommy!! Hope she feels better soon! Sounds like that hurt…Wags and licks,Maya and KenaPS. Similar things happen to our humans all the time, but they confuse us because when we go over there to help them, they stop going “ouch ouch!” and start laughing…they say something about a “funny bone”…wonder what those taste like?

  2. Oh No WriggleMom! Our Mom fell down the stairs 2x in one week & thought she broke her back so she knows how much that hurts! We hope she feels better soon.Sherman, Penny & Lola

  3. Oh no – that is terrible news! I hope your mum is feeling better soon though with the healing butts helping out I don’t think there’s any other option!!River

  4. Hi, friends!That sounds painful! I really hope your mom is well. Is she going to see the vet… I mean… the doctor?Please give her kisses and hugs from us!Be nice and take good care of her, ok?Have a good nightLorenza

  5. HealingButts!Give your mama some of the healing goober smooches I’m sending her way! Hopefully she’ll be back to her old self soon!Goober love,STanley

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