It wasn’t me (3)

(And if it was I can’t recommend it, they didn’t taste very good at all!)



Super Tongue

As you might have heard I spent my weekend with Auntie and her animals – the three guinea pigs (Theodor, Lillebror (Little brother in Norwegian) and Ludvig) and Herbert the cat. I’ll post more pictures of me and my buddy Herbert later. But when I arrived at my Aunties I almost immediately started having some trouble with my tummy.. She texted mom about me having diharrea and plenty of gas (I have no idea why auntie complained about that.. It smells lovely!).. so she gave me some yoghurt. Mom had a major laugh watching me (or actually mainly my tongue)..

PeeEss: I’m feeling all better now!

Kisses (with plenty of tongue) from Nimbus

My trip (the other version)

Friday afternoon after work I hopped on the train to Trondheim. It’s about a 7hour trip so I had plenty of time to read and listen to my music and relax (sleep actually). I also got to enjoy a lot of pretty scenery – I’ve taken a few pictures so you get the idea. But taking pictures from a moving train have some disadvantages so it’s rather blurry..
Arriving at Lene’s place Morris thoroughly checked my bag. He actually loved the smell of that thing (possibly because the pugs always use to sleep on it whenever it’s on the floor?) and kept going back to it all weekend.
Aunties boy Fenris got plenty of attention and cuddles, of course. The “human puppy” sure had grown and it was nice chatting with her and her mom of course.
Then back across the mountains again and home to pick up all the doggies. I have pictures of Nimbus’ weekend spent with Auntie and Herbert the cat. Will let him post them later!

Ane/the WriggleButtMom

The MomNapper

Greatings, WriggleButtFriends. I’m Fenris aka FrizZ and I totally MomNapped the WriggleButtMom this weekend. Hah! While they had their lame weekends all alone I got all the cuddles and attention all to myself. Hah… Hah!
You’re all pretty scared now, huh?
I always knew she liked me better, of course, and that she spends a lot of time crying and missing me so I thought it was good for her to spend a weekend with me. Just the two of us. All alone. (Oh.. Yeah.. and my mom and my son and the puppy human)
See how super sexy I am?
Well.. We did say MomNapping didn’t we.. I think I need a nap..


Icky weather

It’s been such a weid winter… We’re heading towards the end of January and we still haven’t gotten proper snow for any period of time. It snowed yesterday morning – but by evening it was raining and today the entire world is glazed. For now. It’s going to melt and be wet and horrible as soon as the sun comes out. Better cuddle up indoors!

Oh.. And Mom said she’ll be putting us back on kibble – she says we’re taking the whole rawfeeding thing a step or two too far!?

(He does taste rather yummy! BOL! Bajas)

the WriggleButts

PeeEss: Mom’s BoyFriend is having that safety test today, we helped him study so we’re sure he’ll do well. But we’re snoring with our paws crossed just for some extra luck.


We’re a bit behind with everything.. But we got this great award from the WhippetWaggle a while ago!

“The award is awarded to ‘people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland.The ‘rules’ of this award say we may nominate up to 10 bloggers who make our day.” Be sure to notify them.
We want to pass it on to:
Stanley (and Stella) for always cheering us up, and for his thoughfull comments on our blog, too!

Asta for her supersweet, wiry self who’ll brighten up any day!

Clover for her pure pug puppy sweetness

Joe Stains and Tanner for all their silliness and great pictures

Sweet Lorenza for her sharing her sweet tongue and all the stuff she’s up to

The Devil Dog for being one of the coolest black pugs out there

Sherman, Penny and Lola for being such great online friends
They also passed this award on to us, thanks guys! We love meeting doggies and other inhabitants of our world!