Going away!

So, friends, we won’t be online again until the year called 2008 so we’ll just wish you


righ away!

Mom is promising us it’s going to be snow where we’re going! Yay! All we’ve got is mud. But mom’s got a bit of a cold, fever and all, so we might not be having too much outdoor fun. We’re still going on a road trip and visiting and we hear rumours of turkey for new years. We hope they can’t manage the entire thing so there’s yummies for us, too!

Happy and excited,
the WriggleButts


10 thoughts on “Going away!

  1. Hi, friends!Happy New Year for you too!Have fun.My best wishes you all and your family!See you “next year”Kisses and hugsLorenza

  2. Hey W-butts! I’m a big fan of roadtrips. Hoomans tend to get a little lax on the rules and we tend to get more treats than usual. I sure hope that’s true for you.Have a great new year, and come home safe!Goober love,Stanley

  3. Have a safe trip and I hope your mum isn’t sick for your holiday.Looking forward to hearing about it when you return.Wishing you all a fantastic 2008.River

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