Mom don’t leave!

Mom is cleaning and doing all sorts of weird stuff. We’re not sure what’s going on, but we saw the dreaded B – A – G and decided she might need a reminder of what to pack if she’s planning to leave.

We’re very worried right now and not in the mood for further blogging. We hope you enjoy the start of December, though! Mom put her lights up!

the WorryButts


8 thoughts on “Mom don’t leave!

  1. You look very, very cute in the pink bag! I hope she does not leave you! This is a little bit worrisomd. But it is a pretty small bag, so it must be a short trip.

  2. Oh-oh!Where is she going?? For how long?? Who will take care of you?? I am worried!Sure I hope its going to be a short trip!Let us know, please.Have a good nightLorenza

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