Wet, wet Thursday.

So THIS is what you call Thanksgiving? First the human dragged us out into the freezing, wet horrors of this particularly gray Thursday. And once we finally return home, wet and muddy… We’re dragged into the bathroom and put in the shower. For good measure she stuck us all in there together, probably to make sure we never had the time to get our hopes up that only one of us was the unlucky one.

Bajas in the dreaded bathtub.

Now we’re sitting her, drying and miserable AND hungry. Sigh.. Hope you others have things to be thankfull for and turkey in your food bowls. We’re really trying to be thankfull, but it’s sort of hard right now.

Whatcha laughing at???

the WetWriggleButts


13 thoughts on “Wet, wet Thursday.

  1. I want to kiss your nose too! You are super cute. Clover hates the bath too! Poor little WriggleButts…Jess, Clover’s mom

  2. I’m laughing because mom gave us a bath a couple of weeks ago and you have the same look on your face that I did on mine. As for Thanksgiving, we got left at home while mom, dad and the boy went away for 7 hours and we didn’t even get any special food.But we have them, so we are very thankful.Roxy

  3. Oh! SOOOO Cute! Emmitt knows exactly how you feel. He hates it when mom starts the shower and then goes to get him. His curly tail straightens and looks so sad, but as soon as the towel comes out to dry him, he is happy and talking again. He loves the game called “dry the pug”, “wash the pug” is the one to avoid playing. :)Melissa and Emmitthttp://www.pugnotes.comUncommon Pug and Dog Art

  4. Bajas!!My girl & I want to reach through the pooter and moosh you and smooch your punkin head! You are all eyes in that last photo. Stinkin’ cute!Goober love,StanleyPee EssSorry for all the embarrassing comments I made about you, but it’s true. You’re a gorgeous mandog!

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