Making Mufins

Mom is home today, so we’ve been helping her out. She’s been baking today, and that’s one of our favourite things to help with! We’ve been baking her wholewheat & yoghurt chocolate chip muffins! We’re not very happy about that chocolate part. That means we don’t get to taste the finished product. But we do get to help out with the yoghurt!! We don’t know how mom would cope if she had to do all the washing by herself…

Oh… yummy-yummy!
Mom said she might use more time cleaning the yoghurt off us than she would need to clean the utensils herself.
Silly human…
Apart from being her pre-rinse cycle(and this blog) there’s noe evidence we helped! Right!?!

And a picture of the finished product! Yummy, huh? We’re going to bring them all to our Grandpa. His birthday was yesterday. We should have blogged about it then. Sorry! We’ll give you extra sneezes to day as our apology. And the muffins.We got him this card, too. The text says “Birthday boy”!

16 thoughts on “Making Mufins

  1. Nice job helping your mom out with the baking. 🙂 You are very nice woofies. 🙂 Thanks for offering me a blanket, but my fast Sphynx metabolism helps to keep me warm, as do my humans’ warm laps. 🙂

  2. Hei….jeg fant dere igjennom Asta’a blog. saa koselig og treffe dere a’!!!Kom innom bloggen min og besok!Mange hilsnerSir BilingualAlotp.s. My mamma is from Oslo, and she has been teaching me Norwegian since I came to live with her..and I understand everything she says!

  3. Oooh!! The muffins turned out looking really good!! (*drooling*)Looks like you guys had fun helping her out, heehee..Have a pawsome weekend!Wags amd licks,Maya and Kena

  4. Happy birthday to grandpa! The muffins look super yummy (minus the chocolate of course) and it’s so great that you all helped with the baking! I love the pictures!! Super cute.Love Clover xo

  5. Hi, friendsHappy Birthday to your Grandpa! Sure he will be happy with your card and those muffins you helped your mom to bake! I like the cleaning part too!Have a good nightLorenza

  6. Hey Nimbus-Looks like Opy is helping you with the Bone Zone, but I’ll email him and vouch for you since you think I’m studly!Luciano of the Whippet Waggle

  7. Hey, guys!Again. I don’t see the problem. Why should any of you guys need to be washed off?Your mama is funny with that birthday card for your grandpa. I’m sure he’ll love the muffins even more, knowing that you guys were there every step of the way while they were being made.Goober love,Stanley

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