The "Christmas table"

Well.. It’s time for the annual Christmas party where Mom works. Here in Norway these Christmas parties are called (word-by-word translation) “Christmas table”. Sounds rather silly when you think about it, but then again so do many words you’re used to if you think about them a bit. Anyways.. This is not the point, what we need your help with is what Mom’s going to be wearing. You really need to look your best, and we’ve come up with a few suggestions.

Lovely, white hoodie with “Obey the Pug” print.
Nononononono… WE‘ve decided? Oh come on.. You all know who made this suggestion!
Black “Black pugs rule” t-shirt. An obvious choice since it’s Mom’s own design.
Coco’s favourite!

Classic neclace with running whippet dog and purple beads.

Now this is where our confusion starts… Mom don’t seem to be satisfied with our choices. Even though we’ve been very reasonable and suggested she can wear jeans or even a skirt (it’s a bit fancy, after all..) too, as the humans all seem a bit obsessed with wearing clothes all over!

So here’s Mom’s suggestion… Totally boring… No way, Hosé! Ain’t happening!

So, friends – please let us know what you think is the best option!

Sniffs and sneezes,
the WriggleButts

7 thoughts on “The "Christmas table"

  1. Sophie beet me to it. I agwee the Tshiwt ovew the dwess and the necklace to top it off..excellent..I’m suwe she’ll be bootiful and that way evewyone is wepwesented.I’m going to twy to sstop by this wekend!smoochie kissesAsta

  2. Oh boy, I love your choices, the pug and whippet details…but I also love the dress! Dresses are so pretty, and I love pretty!!Love Clover xo

  3. I’m not sure what she should wear, but if she only wears the cool whippet necklace, won’t she be a little cold?Goober love and party smooches,Stanley

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