So.. Here’s proof of the abuse! It’s Wednesday morning, 4.45 am….See how tired I am? I can hardly lift my head, not to mention open my eyes!
Coco tried to hide in the far corner of the crate… Poor little old lady! Woken up by bright lights and loud noises in the middle of the night!!
See? Super sleepy!She carried me to the door.. Evil woman….
Out into the dark, wet horribleness… But at least she didn’t force me to go too far.. See the door? BOL… Then I could just run as fast as my little black feet would allow and go back to sleep!


7 thoughts on “Proof!

  1. Bajas!I feel your pain, buddy! My girl keeps really strange hours too, so sometimes she’s herding me outside when the ONLY place I want to be is curled up in a nice warm spot I’ve made for myself! What is your mama THINKING?Goober love & sympathy,Stanley

  2. Bleh! Mom had to drag me outside this morning b/c my precious Diva feet are not meant to get wet! It’s not too cold here yet but the ground is very soggy and I REFUSE to dirty my paws!Lola

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