It’s most certainly fall in Norway. It’s been really cold lately. Below zero (Celcius) at night so everything freezes.. Mom just love having to get all the ice off the car in the mornings.. Haha.. We thing she deserves that, leaving us to go to work? Nonsense.. She usually take the train, but if she starts work really early (like 5am) she have to take the car because the trains are all sleepy. So are we. We REALLY don’t want to go outside to pee.. Mom can be SO stubborn! She’ll actually carry us out of the warm, cozy crates and out into the freezing darkness. No good human!!

Here’s Nimbus showing his strategy for really cold days..

If your jammies don’t get you warm enough.. or your nose just get particularly cold, stick it into Mom’s slipper! Perfect fit. We think the cold nose-thing is an inherited trait – Mom gets a really cold nose, too, when it’s cold!

13 thoughts on “Cold

  1. NimbusThat is an excellent bwillliant nose wawmew you found! You’we obviously a vewy clevew ,gowgeous whippet!I love to get cozy on these cold days too!stay wawm sweetiessmoochie kissesAsta

  2. Haha. I know what you mean about the cold weather. I think the humans deserve having to suffer through scraping off the windshields for leaving us AND for making us go out in the cold. HWy can’y we have a kitty litter box?! I love your idea of the nose in the slipper! HAHAH!

  3. Awwwh, such a cute picture of Nimbus in the slipper, tee hee. We get cold too even with our jammies on, but we crawl under the bankies. It’s been getting below freezing here in Iowa at night too. We will go outside to potty, but we run as fast as we can back to the house to get warm, hehehe. Keep warm!!Luv & Wirey Hugs!Butchy & Snickers

  4. What a cute photo of you with your nose in the slipper. Mom can take us out all she wants when it’s cold. It doesn’t mean we will do anything.Roxy

  5. Sure is cold there in Norway! But I supose you all are used to it! Here we never have temperatures below zero!Thanks for the tip about the slipper. I think I will live from now on with my mouth in my mom’s slipper!Have a good nightLorenza

  6. Your three “babies” are so cute! Looks like they have the best life over there in Norway! Thank you for the comment about our Baxterman. We are lucky to have these little pugs in our life while we can.

  7. Numbus!You are so resourceful, using your mama’s slipper for a nose warmer. And, if she sticks her bare foot in it right after you’re done with it, she can be all toasty warm and get a little moisturizing on her feet too.What is it with these hoomans and their need to WORK???Goober love,Stanley

  8. I’m gonna have to try that slipper trick. I hate leaving my snuggly bed in the morning to go outside to potty.Lucy for me, I’m too “big boned” to carry outside.Sherman

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