I’m Coco!

Thought it was time I introduced myself properly. My name is Klehaugens Britta Eime Alt, but my call name is Coco. I’m the boss around here. The First Lady. I’ve heard the others use the word bossy.. I think that sounds a bit negative. I’m boss and they really have to deal with it. If they just do as I wish all the time we’d have no problems what so ever.
So this is me again. I’m pretty cute, huh? I’m turning NINE this December (the 19th). I know.. I look just like a puppy. When we went to buy dog food last week the guy in the production area (the Polish workers there gave me some testers! Yay!) said “She is kinder, yes?” They don’t speak much Norwegian, so mom said it was a sort of English-German mix. Either way they thought I was a puppy! Hah! Cutest pup(py) ever!
My tongue is long enough to lick between my eyes! Neat, huh? And I have the smelliest breath in history – and i just LOVE to give kisses! They kall them stinkykisses.. Bah.. But you just can’t avoid getting my kisses.. If you try I’ll jump in your face and kissybite your nose.. So you’ll get my smelly breath in your nose anyways. Just kiss me!

This is Bajas on the right and me on the left with our racing blankets! Looking good, huh? Bajas is my son. Like for real. He actually came to live here before me. So he tried to write an introduction before I did mine, but that just wasn’t happening. No way! I came here for my “retirement” to live with my son and Mom. Anette, our breeder and the lady Mom bought Bajas from decided she had too many dogs at home to care for them all properly. She didn’t want to let the young show dogs go, and she didn’t have the heart to let the old dogs go.. So I, at the prime age of almost five, took the trip across the mountains and joined my son and his human Mom. I knew it would be a pretty good place to stay as she’d already shown her great taste in pugs choosing my son as her first dog! Then a little while later Nimbus came along!

If I see a dog or something similar(pig, horse, bear, dark car etc) on the TV I’ll jump up and bark at it! And I HATE that ugly, ugly black thing with a squished face that live in certain objects around the house.. The stove.. Picture frames.. What Mom calls “a mirror” etc.. I just go totally crazy trying to attack it before it attacks me, but we always tend to attack at the very same moment. Mom says I must have Body Dismorphic Disorder or something.. I have no idea what that means.. But I wish the ugly thing in “the mirror” would move to someone else!

Oh.. And they call me Stinkadora, too.. cause my breath is stinky.. And Pøse.. That’s sort of doglanguage-Norwegain.. and too hard to try to explain in English.. Sorry.. (Uh.. okay.. I’ll try.. It’s babylanguage for sausage.. implying I’m sausage shaped.. )

Stinky kisses, Coco!

13 thoughts on “I’m Coco!

  1. Coco Girl!You can give me stinky kisses ANYtime. I love your face, and am amazed at your tongue! Thanks for clearing up the issue of your age. I too thought you were but a wee puplet. You still have that puppy impishness that gets the hoomans everytime!Can’t wait to hear more about your life & your retirement. By the way, what IS retirement anyway?Goober love & smooches,Stanley

  2. Hi Stanley,I don’t really know what retirement is, it’s a human thing.. But Mom uses it to describe what happened when I moved to her from Anette, my former owner/handler/breeder. I did rewrite the post a bit hoping I made myself clearer, though.. Stinky kisses,Coco

  3. WoooF! I LOOOOVe your puggie photos. Just wanted to let you know a cool offer Dogster and Shutterfly have right now – where you can get free photo cards of your little sweetie…check it out!

  4. HI Coco! What a delightful introduction. I think you thought it was obvious to everyone, but you did forget to mention that hte BEST part of your whole life is getting to live with Nimbus the Whippet!We’re just sayin’.the whippet waggle

  5. Coc,umm Stinkadowa,Pose,Those awe all vewy cute namesI think you fooled allof us..you totally look like a puppy,and a vewy cute one at that..i wondew who the ugly guy is in youw miwwow??That tongue is vewy special..I would love youw kissies anytime..sounds like you have it made, a love ly family, youw son, a gweat Mom and a whippet too..that’s pawsome!smoochie kissesAstapee ess. I’m vewy glad to be out of jail!

  6. Coco, you are an awfully cute puppy, er, I mean boss of the house. And that is a great trick to lick between your eyeballs! I wish I could do that. I love your cute racing blankets. They are very stylish.

  7. Nice to meet you, CoCO! I am so glad you are boss. Good to take a stand! Stinkykisses-what a great way to torture and lvoe the humans at the same time! I think we’d make great friends!

  8. Hi CoCo ahen Boss! great introduction. I (Ginger) think I will start calling Crikit our big black beauty boss Stinkadora too! she has stinky kisses and well she’s the boss. We all think you are so lucky to still look like a puppy! tx trio wagging tails & barking loud… can you hear us way over there?

  9. Hi, CocoIf you did not tell us about your age I wouldn’t believe it. Sure you look pretty young! And bossy!I like that!Have a good nightLorenza

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