Meet our forest!

Hi guys!

We’ve allready showed you the area where our great grandfather lived, so we thought we’d give you the guided tour of “our forest”. It’s just about 75 meters from our house so that’s really convenient. Mom say we’re spoilt. Anyways.. From April to August you’re not allowed to let dogs off leash in Norway, but apart from that we usually get to run freeeee!

Okay.. so let’s go!

We usually start down this road. It’s a maintenance road for the railway. It’s really great for it’s no cars and there’s a fence between the road and the trains so it’s really safe. Plus there’s trains going by so we get our dose of weird, noisy stuff.. Mom think’s that’s brilliant for puppies. We don’t really care.We can continue further, but we usually turn left here and head for real forest!
The stuff on the right here is a bridge across the railway to more forest. But we usually keep to “our side”, and only cross over for really long walkies.
Runrunrunrunrun! For a little whippie it’s just heaven to run free. The pugs just trot alongside mom with or without leash..
You never know what sort of treasures you might find!
Deeper into the forest we go…
Sometimes mom make us do tricks – like jumping over these!

Or just jumping up somewhere for a good photo-op!

Now we’re all tired and ready for some time on the couch with mom! Hope you’ve enjoyed the trip!

15 thoughts on “Meet our forest!

  1. Hi Buddies!ooh we love your forest! wish we could run with you. mom says we sound like horses when we run. we have a huge yard but wow you gotta forest!!! great pictures! We made a post on our site so others can come see your forrest and oh a comment too.Lots of Love Licks: Crikit, Sparky & Ginger

  2. Wow! You are very, very lucky to have such a wonderful place to run and walk and play around in. I do not get to go for walks, but I go out in my stroller.

  3. Hi! Great walk you get to go on! It’s so cool that cars aren’t allowed. Great pictures of all three of you!Love Clover xo

  4. Hey everyone! Looks like you all had a great time running free. We’d NEVER be allowed to do that. Just curious why certain months out of the year you have to be on a leash? The FleasGangSimon, Scarlett, and Shelly

  5. Thanks guys! We love “our” forest too!The reason dogs have to be on a leash in the summer months is to protect wildlife. In the period they have young dogs cannot run off leash because the young animals are more easily caught and hurt. Neither of us are the slightest interested in hunting anything alive (we pugs just don’t care and Nimbus is afraid of anyone he don’t know) so mom occationally let us off leash in summer too, but not as much.the WriggleButts

  6. Wow! You’ve got some furry excellent places to romp around!Mom won’t let us outside ‘cuz there are some rather horrible children in our neighborhood who aren’t very nice to pets. Mom doesn’t want us to get hurt.Our cousin is a woofie an’ he has a blog, too. His name is Shadow Saluki an’ you can find him HERE.Oh, an’ our auntie used to live in Norway when she was in college. She has a blog for her cats Benjamin an’ Lucy-Furr … You can find them HERE.It was nice meeting you!DMM and the Feline Americans

  7. Nice to meet you!Looks like you have a great place to go for walkies!I live in Mexico in the middle of a city and we don’t have places to go and run free, so I am always on leash!Have a good nightLorenza

  8. hi gang! it’s very good to meet visited after our cousin (dmm) suggested you stop by. we’re really glad you did!our mom lived in norway about 20 years ago. she thought about getting clever with a norwegian post but was a little tired this morning (i’m not sure i believe her. i think she was embarrassed that her vocabulary isn’t up to snuff).anyway, it’s good to meet you, and hopefully we’ll see more of you!ben fuzzlucy fur (also known as lucinda suzanne)

  9. We’re not sure about the magic, but there sure is fun! Feel free to drop by anytime and you can join us for a run in the forest!Sleepy sniffs,the WriggleButts

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