Pray for Steven, please

One of our cyberfriends from the bestest online group ever, WhippetWorld, has been asking for help lately. Her son has Crohn’s and is really sick.. It’s very scary for him and the people that love him. We’ve been sending all the healing thoughts that we can manage, and comforting thoughts for his mom, Trish, but he keeps getting worse.. We’re so very sad, and we hope all you great doggies and humans out there can keep him in your thoughts and prayers! He’s having surgery today because of complications with a blood clot around his PIC line. There’s so much stuff we don’t understand, but we understand it’s serious and that mommy is worried so we are worried!

Sad sniffs,
Bajas, Coco & Nimbus

19 thoughts on “Pray for Steven, please

  1. i’m so sorry about your friend. i’ll pray for your dear friend.btw coco, just realise you and my mom has the same birth date!wet wet licksboo

  2. I am very sorry to learn about your friend. I will send some healing purrs his way. It is very nice to meet you! You all are very cute. I am going to add you to my links so I can come back and visit you again!

  3. Hi friends,Sorry to hear about Steven. We will be sending positive thoughts to him and hope he is feeling better soon. I missed a lot of posts while I was away from the computer this weekend!You animal friends (cats and guinea pigs and mice) are cool! And my mom did enjoy all the pictures of nature you posted!Love Clover xo

  4. Hi Wriggle buttsI am so sowwy youw fwiend is sick..I will pway and cwoss all my paws and am sending all my healing smoochie kissesAsta

  5. hello, my name is Pedro – nice to meet you all. I found your blog through Clover’s blog. Isn’t she a sweetie! Anyway – I, along with my Mom and Capt’n Daddy will keep Steven in our thoughts and hope for the best for him.

  6. Hi! We saw your comment over at Daisy the Curly Cat’s blog and when you mentioned guinea pigs we had to come check you out! We are 3 cats in Minnesota and we live with 2 piggies. They are girls: Sasha & Emma Sue. At one time we had 8 all together and one was named Theodore just like yours! Stop by any time to visit us!

  7. Hey, Wriggles!Sorry about Steven. I’m sending him lots of goober hugs (they have healing properties).Keep us posted on how he is!Goober love,Stanley

  8. Thank you everyone for dropping by and for sending your best doggie magic Steven’s way. He’s still fighting for his life. We’ll keep you posted.the WriggleButts

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