We’ve got a new friend! This morning BoyFriend spotted a mouse when he was in the bathroom this morning. The appartment where we live is underneath another house and down into the ground. The inner part of it isn’t “fixed up” in any way.. just concrete floor and walls and full of all sorts of rubbish + the freezer (where all the yummo food is!) and a spare fridge. The apt. was made as a convertion a few years back, and the bathroom is in that area and separated from the rest of the apt. with a solid door. There’s a door to the bathroom, allthough we’ve never understood the point. First of all it’s harder to get in to keep mom company if she’s allready in there on her own. We’re not tall enough to open doors, unfortunately, and mom isn’t willing to install new handles on our level. Unfair! Anyways.. If you’re small as a mouse you can crawl into the bathroom from the cellar. you can’t if you’re a Whippet. Not even a pug. Now Nimbus is laughing because he says it’s hard to get in anywhere if you’re a sausage shaped pug. He’s just jealous. But we digress.. again..

We’re not sure what to do about the mouse just yet. If it’s not ruining anything we might just let it stay here for a while. They tend to get in here in autumn. If she (we’re sure she’s a she) causes mom trouble we’ll have to put up traps, though.. We used to have mouse friends when we lived with auntie. Before she had the cavies she had Fancy Mice, you see.. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. If you like mice, that is…

This one, Doris, is daugher of the two mice in the next picture. She’s dove/tan. Father is the black/tan and her mother is the PEW (Pink Eyed White). See? We even know stuff about mice!
For now we’ll just keep an eye out for her. Mom’s seen her three times allready. Once she hid in the shower for a bit.. after first attempting to get out underneath the bathroom door, but having trouble jumping high enough from the floor to get in between.. LOL.. Mom had a good laugh. We’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happen!

10 thoughts on “Mouse!

  1. HiyaNice to meet you all and thanks for stopping by our blog.Our pinkie D loves mice but can’t have any because of us dales.Hugs and tail wagsNoah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  2. Hehehehehe, this is soooo funny! Cause guess what? Snickers just about caught a mouse today in the bedroom. She started scratching at her kennel & Mama thought it was odd, so she pulled the kennel out a bit from the wall, expecting to see a bug or something & there was a MOUSE! Mama shoved the kennel back, got a bucket & her & Papa caught it, tee hee! We better send Snickers over to sniff the mouse out for you!!Luv & Wirey Hugs!Butchy & Snickers

  3. Hi wriggle buts,heheheThose awe kind of cute mousies..maybe you could get youws a little house and he’d be satisfied with that..I nevew saw a mousie befowe..I like snow and usually I’m not at all cold, I think I just ate something funny, but now i feel much bettew and i got to taste some leftovew soup today..yum!!smoochie kissesAsta

  4. Hey, Baja, Coco & Nimbus!!Good to meet you guys! I heard about you from Clover’s blog and wanted come by to say hi.I’m Stanley, a rescued Airedale. I’d love it if you came by sometime to see me ~ anytime’s ok with me.Welcome to the blogosphere! I hope we can be buddies!Your new goober bud,Stanley

  5. hey bajas, coco and nimbus,thanks for visiting my blog. do you know who’s girl girl, the hamsterrier in the dogs with blogs land? well, you could introduce your new friend to GG. i’m sure GG enjoy knowing your mousie friends.btw, have you three given me your b’day? i can add it to the Event Calendar and everydog and hamsterrier will come and wish you on your b’day.wet wet licksBoo

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